> Hi Ari,
> Question:
> I have a new database that has an Oracle block size of 8092, and I have
> chaining of SYS tables COL$, IND$, IDL_UB1$, IDL_UB2$, and IDL_SB4$.
> Should I have made the db_block_size larger? Is this something that I
> even need to worry about?
> Thanks.
> Mike Killough
Hi Mike,

When you say "chaining", it typically refers to records
spanning more than one data block. I can understand the IDL% views because
they contain LONG RAW columns, which would probably chain regardless of the
block size if you have large enough values for your data dictionary (which
includes and packages/stored procedures, among other items).

If you meant that they grew to several extents, then you have fragmentation,
not chaining. This is typical in many sites, especially those that have many
stored packages/procedures. Oracle specifically acknowledges that they may
grow in extents, but cautions not to change their INIT/NEXT storage parameters.

So basically my advice is not to worry about the data dictionary tables, and
8K block sizes are fine for them.

Best regards,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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