Subject: Re: how to determine free memory in Oracle
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Gregory Bronevetsky (bronevet@beast.Trenton.EDU) wrote:
: I'm writing a Web front for an Oracle database. To do this, I need to
: create and keep a lot of views and since a lot of people may be using the
: system at the same time, I need to know how much memory the database
: server has left for my views so that I can know if creating another view
: will go over the memory limit. Is there any way to get this information?
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:                         Greg Bronevetsky                                
To see what memory you have, type:

select * from v$sga;

For a more detailed analysis, type:

select * from v$sgastat;

The item for "free memory" shows the free memory. One thing though -
adding a view will not really affect the memory. Objects are phased out of
memory to a LRU algorithm. To adjust memory in Oracle, adjust the three
parameters: sort_area_size, shared_pool_size, and db_block_buffers.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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