> Hi Ari,
> I have a question about performance, the situation is the following, we
> have a lot of insert into our database( some tables) , sometime the
> function ( Proc*C)
> that do insert take between  12 to 20  seconds, i looked to see if there
> is any freelist contention, 
> the result was good, so i decided to put that table on a seperate disk
> and also the indexes, 
> and the result ( insert took the same amount of time ) still the same.
> Where should i concentrate the search for that problem? 
> Thanks for the help.
> Hanna

Glad you checked freelist contention. Other areas to look at:

1) Excessive object extents. If an object has more than 4 extents, performance
   degrades. Issue the following SQL:


If any have the EXTENTS column large, then re-create the object (export/import
with compress=y works well).

2) Look at indexes. The more indexes there are, then the longer an insert
will take.

3) Look for triggers on the table. If there is a trigger, then untold amounts
of processing may be taking place.

4) Make sure your rollback tablespace, redo logs, and archived log destination
(if you are in archivelog mode) are on separate disk drives (and if possible

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