Subject: Re: DB_BLOCK_SIZE: Possible Misinformation
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SatarNag ( wrote:
: In regards to changing the DB-Block_Size without re-creating your
: database, I must have been misinformed, Upon looking up in my
: documentation, it says it must be done on the creation of the database. I
: have just completed the Oracle DBA master's coarse (Oracle 7.3), offered
: by Oracle....And in my notes, i wrote down that the Block Size can be
: changed and that the database will start useing the new size and will
: adjust accordingly...I wrote this down cause I thought it was nice that it
: can be done. Maybe it still can be done, and that it's not documented in
: the books. I apoligize if I am mistaken. Maybe it's in Version 8??? 
: Satar Naghshineh


db_block_size can only be defined at database creation. Once the instance is
created, the datafiles are "hard-coded" with the blocks allocated, and this
cannot be altered. I just checked my Oracle8 docs and the same is true for

Maybe you were thinking of db_block_buffers?

-Ari Kaplan
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