Subject: Re: Default value of pct_increase
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Marc Billiet ( wrote:
: It may be a very basic question, but according to the Oracle manual 
: (Oracle 7 Server SQL Language Reference Manual), the default value of 
: pct_increase is 50. When I create a table, pct_increase is always set to 
: 0. Is it possible that the default has changed somehow (can the dba have 
: done this ?).
: To check this, I did the following in SQL*Plus :
: SQL> create table marc (x number);
: Table created.
: SQL> select pct_increase from user_tables where table_name = 'MARC';
: ------------
:            0
: Is there any reason why it is always set to 0 (not only in this example) 
: ? 
: The Oracle version is on HP-UX.
: Thank you for your time,
: Marc Billiet

The most likely reason that your tables are being created with a
PCT_INCREASE of 0 is that the default storage parameter of the tablespace
is set to 0. To find out, try:


When an object such as a table is created in this tablespace, it will take
the default storage parameters if not supplied in the CREATE TABLE

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