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Electronic greetings, and may I say your bevy of Oracle "stuff" is

I must offer ongoing technical consulting to users of our company's
software.  My fantisy is 3 guru's (one each Novell, Microsoft, Oracle)
locked into a well provisioned test lab with no hope of escape until
meaningful answers were agreed upon... to ponder the NT vs NetWare
Oracle Server question:  i.e.) 2 identical machine configurations,
dedicated only to Oracle service...  one on Oracle for NetWare, the
other Oracle for NT.

Q: is one offering better than the other in performance or reliability?
If so, in what way/s?  Is there perhaps some treasured document or
Shoot-Out technocratic information bulletin available that you might
know of?

We could let the HP rep unlock the door and announce the results.  I
look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Thanks again for an informative site!

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Hi Ronald,

There are plenty of whitepapers comparing technical performance on various
operating systems on both www.oracle.com and www.orafaq.com. As for myself, I
am partial to Windows NT (I just completed the upcoming book "NT5: The Next
Revolution"). If you are a large enterprise with many domains (offices around
the world) I recommend Novell for now, but for its networking features and not
Oracle handling.

Regardless, if you go with NT4, NT5 will be out soon which will blow the socks
off of Novell, so it's worth going to NT4 and upgrading to NT5 in 8 months.
Also, all 3rd-party software vendors support NT and not all support Novell, so
you have additional products available with NT.

As for performance, I believe NT can scale to more processors (4) , and NT5
will be able to scale to 8 initially and 16 in about a year. This will help
with parallel queries as well as supporting a larger number of users while
maintaining a decent performance. For a more technical comparison, check out
some of those whitepapers.

Hope this helps,


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