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I will answer each question below:

> We have read a privilege called 'Become User' in your 
> 'Oracle 8.0 How To' hand book. But we are not able to use this 
> privilege. Kindly let us know more detail about this command and
> how to use it?.

The "BECOME USER" is used when you use the Export and Import utilities. It is a mandatory privilege for when you export from one user schema and import it into another schema.

> And also we would like to rename the column in the existing tables
> with out copying to the another table. Is it possible ? How?.

You cannot do this. You MUST create another temporary table if you wish to
maintain any data, drop the original table, create it with the new column name,
and then copy the data back from the temporary temp. When I say temporary I mean
a regular table that exists only for the exercise of renaming columns. The other
alternative is to use the third-party tool such as Platinum's TSReorg.

> What is row chaining and migration of rows?

Row chaining is when one record is stored in two or more physical data blocks.
For example, if you have a record with a LONG column that takes up 10K and the
db_block_size is 4K, this one record will span 3 physical database blocks.

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