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Dear Akaplan,
I have a processing program which will use to run a large range of 
records. This process including insert,delete ,update and select the 
various tables. 
Initially, I put the procedure in a program itself, I find it is very time 
consuming and take long long time to complete. Later, I extract a 
procedure into a stored procedure. It seems that, the performance 
is still the same.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.


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There is not much specific advice I can give you, because your program and
database may be set up in many ways. What you should do is look at the program,
and then run an "Explain Plan" on each SQL statement. It could be that you have
bad SQL or are missing an index that should be there. Aside from that, if you
are running in Cost-Based Optimizer mode, make sure that your statistics are
current. You can do this with:


Insert the Schema that you wish to gather statistics for SCHEMA_NAME above.

If you still have problems, then you should do a wider database tuning. There
are countless books that cover this topic, or you can hire a consultant to look
at your system ;)

Best of luck,


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