> Ari,
> I "stumbled" on your website and found much useful information.  Thanks
> for the time and effort .... the site is great.  I have a question of my own
> that I hope you will be kind enough to answer:
> We run Oracle on HP-UX 10.20.  I queried user_tables logged on
> to SQL*Plus as the user who owned the tables I wanted to look at.  In the
> field num_rows a value was returned that in many cases differed from
> the number of rows I would get by directly querying the specific table
> with the "select count(*) from tablename" query.  Can you explain the
> descrepancy?  My email address is hkaufman@co.new-castle.de.us. 
> Thanks.

Thanks for giving the positive feedback on my web page. I do not get money from it, but do it to help ther Oracle community in general.

The reason that you are getting a different number in the NUM_ROWS column in
the USER_TABLES (or ALL_TABLES or DBA_TABLES) views than the actual value
is that NUM_ROWS is updated only when you analyze the table.

For example, if your table has 1000 records and you issue:


The NUM_ROWS column at that point will be 1000.

At this point, if you insert 1000000 records, and do NOT analyze the table
again, you will have 1100000 records, but NUM_ROWS will still be 1000.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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