Could u please suggest how to resolve this problem.
I was opening cursor with 10,000 record and looping. Initially i could able
to loop only 1000 records. Then i added
set serveroutput on size 1000000 because of that i could able to loop 3000
records. what could be the reason ?

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The SERVEROUTPUT controls how large the buffer for displaying the results of
a PL/SQL routine is. Before you set it, it was taking the default size, which
could only show your 1,000. Now with the new size, it can show 3000 records.

It all has to do with the functionality of the SERVEROUTPUT. There is an
upper limit that you will hit, so if you need more than that you can use the
UTL_FILE built-in package to spool your output to a file from within Oracle.
With UTL_FILE, the size of the output is limited only by your hardware.

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