Subject: Re: How can I find out who is currently using the DB?
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>This is a very simple question.
>But how can I find out who is currently using Oracle DB?

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There are several ways to find who is using the database:
1) SELECT * FROM sys.v$session;
   This is the best table for what you probably are looking for. It 
includes schema user name, OS username, OS machine name, OS terminal 
name, ORACLE username, etc.
   For ease of reading, you can enter:
   SELECT username FROM v$session;

2) SELECT * FROM sys.v$process;
   This table shows the processes, usernames, OS terminal identifier, etc.

3) If in UNIX, you can type:

   ps -ef |grep {ORACLE_SID}

  This option lists the processes, and may not be all-inclusive if
   users are logging on through SQL*Net, Tuxedo, or other TP's.

Good luck!

-Ari Kaplan
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