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We want to know how we can create two databases in the same server. We want
      to create each databases with one instance.
      The server Operating System is Windows NT and the Oracle version is
      Other issue, could the instances run at the same time? and,  ,how can
      we access to the instance from the server manager?.

      Thank you for your help. We are looking forward to your answer.

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You will need to get familiar with OFA: Optimal Flexible Architecture.
Basically, you need to keep the directories of each database separate. For
example, assume you have drives /u01, /u02, and /u03, and databases db1 and db2.
You should keep the Oracle datafiles and redo logs in


Also keep your $ORACLE_BASE/admin/db1/bdump, cdump, udump, etc. directories
separate from $ORACLE_BASE/admin/db2/bdump, cdump, udump, etc.

In UNIX you would need to specify separate ORACLE_SID environment variables. In
NT I don't recall which variable keeps track of this. Also, use SQL*Net easy
config to add your new database to your sqlnet.ora, listener.ora, and

Basically, yes you can have multiple databases on the same server. For Server
Manager, you can enter the connect string to specify which database to connect
to. "db1" or "db2".

Best of luck!

-Ari Kaplan

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