> Hi Ari,

>  This site is great. Your answers are very clear for all levels. Can you
> please answer couple of questions.

> 1) Threre is an option in IMPORT call DIRECT. Book says, if we use this
> command it skips BUFFER parameter and it also improves performance.
>    Now i do lots of Export and Import is it always safe to use DIRECT.
> Can you please put some light on this.

According to the Oracle documentation: "Direct path Export cannot be used to
export data from tables that contain column types that were introduced in
Oracle8. Those column types are REF, LOB, BFILE, or object type columns (which
include VARRAYs and nested tables). If a table contains any of these objects,
only the table definition is exported, not the data, and a warning message is
given. "

Also, you can't use the interactive mode of Export/Import with DIRECT mode. This
is the set of prompts for you to enter username/password, T>able, F>ull, O>wner,
and so on.

> 2) I want to drop my database and re-build from export file. When i
> Issue drop database db_name. Database is not dropping. Why?

This is because "DROP DATABASE db_name" is not a valid SQL statement. There is no SQL to destroy a database. If you want to remove a database, then shut it down and physically remove the datafiles, redo logs, and control files.

> 3) What is Oracle ConText Option. How it is used?

The ConText Option is used to creatively search through text for values. If
you've ever used a Web search-engine, it is similar to them. You can search for
keywords, using AND, OR, etc. conditions. You can also search for words with
similar meanings (Thesaurus), words with similar spellings (Dictionary), and so
on. There is a good chapter in "Special Edition: Using Oracle8" by Que that
describes how to use the ConText option.

> Thank you very much
> Sanjeev

My pleasure. Best of luck,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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