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On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Michael W. Carter wrote:
> I have a question about reorgs.  The Way I understand it... you have to
> export the table, drop the table, and import the table.   Will this also
> lower the Highwater mark when it imports the data?

That's correct about the reorg. The highwater mark is "reset" when the
data is imported (assuming that you dropped and recreated the table).

> Also, What about the
> index?  The way I understand it is export/import actually imports the
> index datablocks the way they were when exported, which could still not
> be in synch.  Is it necessary to NOT include the index on imports, and
> the recreate them using a seperat index recreate script?

Your assumption is incorrect. Oracle does not export the actual
datablocks. When you import the index, it is effetively recreating the
index from scratch.

> Also, when
> export exports the ddl for an object, i.e table and index definitions,
> does it export the ddl as it was created initially?  if so, How would I
> recreate the object with 1 big extent as opposed to many, as may be the
> case with growing tables/indexes?

By default, COMPRESS=Y which means that it will export the table so that
when it is imported, the table will be 1 big extent (if there is enough
contiguous space). If you change the default and specify COMPRESS=N,
Oracle will export using the current INITIAL and NEXT values.

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