From Thu Sep  2 09:44:25 1999


You are having problems with Oracle on Linux!  There is a quick answer. You need
to load a updated version of Linux I know the Oracle CD claims to run on a lower
version but that is not true. download a new version of Linux and try it there.
Caldera OpenLinux 2.2.x is know to work because I had the same problem and a new
version of Caldera OpenLinux 2.2.x worked. Oh and you will need to change your
shared memory size for oracle ( command ipcs ) read the man page on the command.
I hope this helps you fix your problem..

Tyrone Kimp


From: Andreas Reinbrech 

Anyway, just writing to say thanks for your 'unselfish service' :)  I am
currently trying to install Oracle 8 on Linux, but have had no success so
far.  I get a cryptic error when running orainst - linux says
" not found" or something to that extent.  Strange thing is
that the file really *does* exist, and it is actually executable and really
executing (I did an strace on it).

Someone on IRC mentioned that it might be a version mismatch in the libc
libraries - but I doubt it, I have a later version of glibc and linux kernel
than Oracle was 'spec'-ed for.  I think it might be because my library paths
aren't set correctly.  Interesting though, the error that causes the 'file
not found' bombs on the process ( looking for "tk2clinux".
Although this doesn't exist, it does seem to 'default' to tk2cvt100, which
does exist.  I tried setting and exporting my $TERM variable to vt100, in
order to 'force' it, and even copied tk2cvt100 to tk2clinux - no luck.

Will RTFM again and try to install from a burnt CD and not from the
download; shouldn't make a difference though...  LOL, alternatively just go
back to PostgreSQL :)

OK, not gonna waste more of your time :)  take care



On Mon, 19 Jul 1999 wrote:

> Ari
> This is on CD from Oracle. Do you have a .profile for oracle you can send me. Or
> can you log into my server
> and try to run the orainst from the CD.
> If you get a chance try to run the install on my server. The cd is mounted on
> /cdrom.
> ----------telnet or
> ID        oracle
> Passwd    ari
> ID        root
> Passwd    aprylkimp
> Thanks alot
> -Tyrone
> From: O1=INET00/C=US/A=IBMX400/P=STATEFARM/DD.RFC-822=akaplan\
> on 07/19/99 02:53:14 PM
> To:   Tyrone Kimp
> cc:
> Subject:  Re: Help
> Hey Tyrone!
> As for your question, as long as PATH, ORACLE_SID, ORACLE_HOME, and
> ORACLE_TERM are set then you should be fine. Try setting
> ORACLE_TERM=vt100.
> Aside from that, is there even a file called ""?
> I probably can't help you out on this one - it could be a missing file.
> I gotta run. Let me know how things work out with this!
> -Ari
> On Mon, 19 Jul 1999 wrote:
> >
> >
> > Ari
> >
> > What's going on? I am still having that problem with the orainst program.
> every
> > time I run it
> > it errors with     "can't find "   . I have checked the environment
> > and it seems to look
> > OK. I am installing this on LINUX from a CD from oracle. If you have time drop
> > me a email
> > and help me out with this. I have installed Oracle on Solaris and HP countless
> > numbers of times
> > but I just cant get this to work. ( HELP )
> >
> >
> > -Tyrone
> >

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