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Dear Ari:
        After importing a table from MS Access into ORACLE 8.0 through
ODBC, I can
see the table name exists by a "select table_name from user_table"
command. However
When I issue an "Desc tablename" for the new imported table, I encounter
a ORA-04043 :object company does not exist. And, "ORA-00942: table or
view does not exist" if a SELECT command is launched.

Please Help!

This is a nice Web site.

Bob Tsai

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Sometimes ODBC will create lower-case table names. This gives the symptoms that
you describe: the table is in USER_TABLES, ALL_TABLES, DBA_TABLES, USER_SEGMENTS,
USER_EXTENTS, and so on. However, you cannot SELECT, DESCRIBE, or do other
commands against it.

To remedy this, you need to recreate the table with an upper-case table name, or
you will have to enclose your DML commands in double-quotes, such as:

SELECT * FROM "table_a";

DESCRIBE "table_a"

Best regards,

-Ari Kaplan

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