Thought I'd share a story relating Oracle, bank holidays, and so on,
following the recent thread....

A few years ago, I was on work/vacation in London (my first trip there)
and stayed out late exploring the vibrant night life. It came time to come
home and I saw taxis parked around the block. Asking to get in , I was
refused. Strange, I thought, as the second and third and fourth turned me
down as well.

Finally, someone explained that it was a "bank holiday" (I still don't
know fully what this means) and cabbies were just reading the paper. Well,
I started walking the 2-3 miles home when I saw a special cab drive by. It
had "ORACLE" painted all over it (in England you can pay for ads painted
on taxis). Well, I ran a few blocks and caught up to it at a light. When I
was refused a ride, I pulled out my Oracle business card and held it up to
the window.

"That's one benefit of being and Oracle DBA that I never thought of", I
mused as I was invited in and whisked away to my hotel...

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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