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I saw your web page, I was impressed on that and am sending my problem 
to you.

I need some information regarding oracle installation

if you have time and familiar with this please send me or inform where 
can i get the related information. I used install oracle on solaris.

I want to install Oracle 7.3 on solaris release 5.5.1 on raw devices

can you plase send me the exact procedure to do this including, how to 
prepare raw devices. 

thanks in advance

- kishore

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I don't know the UNIX commands off-hand, you'll have to check your UNIX guides.

As for Oracle, it is very easy. You first create the raw volumes in UNIX. Then, you use the CREATE DATABASE and CREATE TABLESPACE commands, appending the REUSE clause. That is all.


CREATE TABLESPACE TEMP DATAFILE '/u01/oradata/ORACL/temp01.dbf' size 500M REUSE;

Best regards,

-Ari Kaplan

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