> Dear sir,
> Greetings from India.
> I'm Samir Oracle DBA from Birla COnsulancy India.  I got your E-mail ID from
> your papers at Orapub.  I have few questions for u to ask.  (Well I'm aware of
> your busy schedule... but in case if u have little time for us we will be more
> than happy)
> 1. How to get SCN number of every transcation including DDL.(for DML yes we
> can get it momentarily from V$transaction If the trasaction is in progress.
> But what about DDL) Is this possible in first place.
> 2. Do we have any control on SGA swapping on the hard disk either in unix or
> on Windows NT. i.e. Is there any way with which we can control which part of
> the sga should be swapped on the hard disk.
> Is it possible ?
> 3. Can we write triggers on x$ and fet$, USer$ kinda tables.
> I want this information in sys tables to be inserted into my own tables for
> monitoring purpose.
> Thanx in advance
> Samir Lad.
> Pl reply to : samlad@usa.net OR skgoyal@bom5.vsnl.net.in OR
> jhunjhunu@hotmail.com
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> Samir Lad
> (Oracle DBA).
> E-4/Shanti-306,
> Sarvodaya Nagar,
> Jain Mandir Road,
> Mulund (W),
> Mumbai- 400080.
> India.
> Tel- 91-22-5679159
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Namaste from Chicago, America.

Thanks for thinking of me to help answer your question.

I will try to answer your questions....

1. I do not know how to do this for DDL.
2. As far as I know, the swapping is handled strictly by the underlying
   operating system. The only thing I can think of is to pin packages into the
   SGA. The pinned packages may still swap, though. The bottom line, though,
   is to make sure that you buy more memory to avoid swapping, as it hurts
   performance alot.
3. Although Oracle recommends against fooling around with data dictionary
   objects, it doesn't hurt any if you write triggers on them. So, I'd say
   go ahead and make the triggers.

If you need any more help on these three questions, I would suggest either
contacting Oracle support (if you have it), or posting your question on the
internet (comp.databases.oracle.misc). You can also post it on the newsgroup
via "www.dejanews.com".

Best of luck,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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